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Most people have heard others say that finding employment is hard for music students. However, the courses available for graduates looking to get jobs or continue their education is wide-ranging.

At the Kunitachi College of Music, starting with the "Foundation seminar" of the first year, and with course selection starting in the third year, an environment has been prepared that allows student to personally consider their four year college life while keeping an eye toward life after graduation.

In addition to the skills, knowledge, and education necessary for inquiry into music, students also learn the persistence and social skills that are a fundamental to becoming a full-fledge member of society.

In addition to over-the-counter course and employment counseling, our Student Support Division offers programs primarily intended for 3rd and 4th year students such as course and job hunting information sessions and the more in depth industry information sessions. Students are welcome to participate in the company organized information sessions within the school regardless of grade as well as the hands-on preparation courses held from time to time. We have created a forum for students providing information and practice necessary to select a career over the four school years.

Kunitachi College of Music graduates are not limited to general business. Many graduates have gone on to careers ranging from private school and kindergarten music teachers to performers such as orchestra members. The Job Hunting Materials Corner is a place for information gathering; there students can browse various job postings and company information, teacher recruitment examination materials, guidelines for students looking to enter graduate school, etc.

The Kunitachi College of Music has established a support system to satisfy any student.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year

Foundation Seminar

Job Hunting Advice Assembly
Information for graduates on the status and trends regarding job hunting.

Course Questionnaire Reception

Teaching Information Session
Kanagawa Teachers College Information Session
Teacher Recruitment Practice Exam
Yamaha Music School Teacher Recruitment Information Session
Kawai Grade and Teacher Recruitment Information Session

Follow Up Course
Teacher Recruitment Practice Exam

Course Overview Information Session
Overview of courses (mainly regarding employment and school advancement).
Shimamura Music Corporation's Instructor and Teacher Recruitment Information Session

Special Employment Lecture -- Job Hunting in the Future --

Internship Guidance
Elementary Teacher Qualification Exam Information Session
Self-Defense Force Band Music Personnel Recruitment Information Session

Graduate School Entrance Exam Information Session

Special Employment Lecture -- Job Hunting in the Future
July Information Session for Kindergarten Teaching Applicants
Methods of how to find a job as a kindergarten teacher as well as an opportunity to hear experiences from alumni currently working in the field.
Instructor of Yamaha Music Lesson for Adults


Finding Employment Information Session
Information regarding the university's job hunting state of affairs and activities. A job hunting guidebook will be distributed.

Career Decision Circumstances Survey

Special Employment Lecture
Lecture from a teacher outside of the university concerning life plans for graduates of the college of music as well as self-analysis work.

Industry Information Session (1) (Music School)

Industry Information Session (2) (Companies and Organizations)

Industry Information Session (3) (Music Industry Research)
Alumni currently working in the music industry are invited to talk about their experiences in the field.

Industry Information Session(4) (Teaching)

Group Work Selection Experience Course
Yamaha Music Lesson for Adults Teacher Recruitment Information Session

Comprehensive Job Hunting Test (1) (SPI - Standard - Entry Sheet)

Essay Composition Practice Exam

Group Discussion Selection Experience Course

Job Hunting Preparation (Manners, Communication) Lecture Five Times -December
An outside lecturer will offer guidance in behavior basic necessary to make it in society.

Application for Temporary Teaching Employment

Course Decision Circumstance Survey
Kawai Grade and Teacher Recruitment Information Session
General Business Job Hunting Measures Information Session (Prospective Employee Experiences)
Opportunity to hear advice on job hunting from senior students with prospective employment.
December The Japan Opera Foundation of Opera Singer Training Recruitment Information Session
Nikikai Opera Institute Training Applicant Information Session

Public Mock Interviews
Mock interviews by outside personnel imitating real meeting situations.

Comprehensive Job Hunting Test (2) (SPI - Standard - Entry Sheet)

General Business Job Hunting Information Session
Practical explanation on how to fill out application forms and choose employers.

Special Job Hunting Lecture
Analysis of past employment examination questions and trends for 1 and 2 year students. Practical job hunting preparation course for 3rd year students offered until March.
Teaching Exam Preparation Information Session (Successful Applicant Experiences)
Opportunity to listen to advice on exam preparation from 4th year students who have passed the public school teacher recruitment examination.
SDF Music Division Cadet and Music Division Personnel Application Information Session

March Teaching Mock Examination
Nursery Teachers Preparation Course
Exam preparation for college students planning on acquiring Nursery Teachers qualifications.

The grade periods appointed are based on what would best suit most students. Students are welcome to attend any course regardless of grade.

Information sessions in addition to the above are also available.

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