Kunitachi College of Music

Mission Statement

A Balanced Educational Environment

Kunitachi aims to develop students as well-rounded music professionals by providing a balanced educational environment with facilities and programs comprehensively crafted to support their dreams and passion for music excellence.

Kunitachi College of Music was founded in 1926 as Tokyo Junior College of Music (Tokyo Music Conservatory), and was established anew in 1950 under the postwar education guidelines. It is now located in Tachikawa City, Tokyo. For more than half a century, we have inspired and delivered generations of fine musicians and dedicated educators to the music scene of Japan. As part of our commitment to excellence in music education, Kunitachi endeavors to expand its activities both within Japan and overseas as the regional music cultural hub in the 21st century.

At Kunitachi, we love music above all. Our students and alumni flourish as musicians, educators, and business professionals who take up active roles in supporting and sustaining the art and its development. While most people recognize them only through their achievements, we understand the persistence they needed on the way to success. As musical techniques progress, development in sensitivity and intellect becomes increasingly important and necessary to master music as a specialist. Our students are required to exhibit the discipline, commitment and desire to work hard every day to push through many challenges in all aspects of their studies. The greatest challenge anyone faces in pursuing music as a career is to continuously challenge and conquer oneself.

Founding Principles

To develop the talent and potential of each of our students as musicians, educators and individuals with freedom, independence and integrity essential to the contributions of Japan and the world’s cultural developments.


To educate our students as sensible and responsible talents, equipped with rich musicality, solid techniques, and specialized knowledge qualified in sustaining the broad spectrum of activities in the development of the music culture.


The 4-year undergraduate curriculum consists of a 2-year compulsory core foundation program for students to acquire basic skills and knowledge to complement the strong professional orientation programs in their later years of studies.


We welcome candidates who possess strong learning and communicating abilities, candidates who demonstrate high self-expectations, a strong desire to improve, and enthusiasm for challenging new possibilities, candidates who aspire to achieve excellence both in their specialized studies and in life.


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