Kunitachi College of Music

After Graduation and Completion

After Graduation

Kunitachi College of Music has graduated more than 30,000 superior students who are now active in various fields.
We produce many teachers and 34 students including graduates passed the 2016 Selection Test for Public School Teacher Employment. In addition, many graduates are active as public school non-permanent teachers, private school teachers, Japanese schools teachers (including kindergarten) at foreign countries and so on. Concerning kindergarten teachers, our education program and students have been highly evaluated that every year, 100% of the students willing to be kindergarten teachers have been employed.
Also, many are active as members of orchestras, Japan Self-Defense Force Bands, Fire Department Bands, pianist of ballets and theatres, etc. Others are active as music school instructors, private instructors, piano tuners, etc.

Graduates of 2015 academic year, more than 40% of the students employed are working at companies and associations. Beginning with music companies, many graduates utilize their expertise and skills at financial industries, communications industries, medical and welfare areas, hospitality industries, etc. They have a wide variety of job types, such as music instructing, music producing, sound technician, concert produce, sales, etc.

After Graduate School Completion

Continue one’s research or become an educator, researcher, musician, employee of companies or associations etc. They are active in various fields and are contributing to develop music culture.

After MA program, some people go on to Doctoral program and others go to institutes hoping to become a musician, become music teachers, musicians, employee of companies or associations, etc.

After Doctoral program, some people remain at KCM as aresearch student and others become full-time or part-time lecturers at universities, etc.


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