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International Student Admission (Faculty of Music)


  • For the entrance examination for international students (Faculty of Music), there will be no online system, but only a face-to-face system (examination to be taken in person at the college).
  • From the Entrance Examination of 2020 Academic Year, either of the following tests is required to check your Japanese Language proficiency.

Undergraduate School (Faculty of Music)

EJU (Japanese) taken after April, 2021
JLPT taken N2 or a higher level

URL of EJU : http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/index.html
URL of JLPT : http://www.jlpt.jp/e/index.cgi

For 2023 Academic Year

For details on application, please download the following PDF file. *only in Japanese
Please be sure to check each applicable page on pages 10 to 39 of the 2023 Academic Year Faculty of Music Application Requirements [Excerpt]. However, some of the entrance exams for international students are different (for example, "Foreign Languages" are not required, but "Japanese" and "Interview" are required). In addition, the entrance examination for international students is only for the first choice.


Department of Performance & Composition Vocal music / Piano / Organ / Electronic Organ / String, Wind & Percussion Instruments *1 / Jazz *2 / Composition / Computer Music
Department of Music Culture’s & Education Music Education Studies / Music Therapy / Music Information / Early Childhood Music Education Studies

*1 Description

  • String Instruments : Violin / Viola / Cello / Contrabass / Harp
  • Wind Instruments : Flute / Oboe / Clarinet / Saxophone / Bassoon / Horn /Trumpet / Trombone / Euphonium / Tuba 
  • Percussion Instruments

*2 Description

  • Jazz :Piano / Bass / Drums / Guitar / Saxophone / Trumpet / Trombone

Application is only opened to students entering from year one and students applying for any of the above-mentioned department as their first choice.

Applicant Eligibility

International Students of foreign nationality (non-Japanese) who completed 12 years of schooling or are expected to complete by March 31, 2023 or has equivalent qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education of Japan. In addition, who meets all the following requirements and conditions.

  1. Change or renewal the status of residence to "Student" before the enrollment, except for those who are already "Permanent Resident".
  2. Obtain sufficient language proficiency to attend courses in Japanese without distinction from other students.
  3. International Students must find a guarantor of their own who is a working adult residing in Japan able to be responsible for the tuition fee and assume expenses and all the responsibilities while the applicant is in Kunitachi College of Music.
  4. Taken the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students or the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test is required. In case of EJU, it must be taken after April, 2021 and in case of JLPT, taken N2 or a higher level is required.

Application Submission Period

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - Monday, January 16, 2023
*must be sent by postmark within January 16, 2023 and sent by express registered mail

Necessary materials

1. Application Form

2. Official Transcript (latest academic background of the 12 years of education)

3. Certificate of Education or Certificate of Expected Graduation (latest academic background of the 12 years of education)

4. Letter of Recommendation from the Principle of the latest academic background of the 12 years of education

5. Copy of Residence Card (both sides)

6. Copy of Entry Visa if you have one at the time of application

7. Resume of 12 years of schooling in a foreign country (prescribed form)

8. Personal Identification (prescribed form)

Guarantor must be residing in Japan and could be responsible of the applicant’s identity and expenses liabilities.
We may request for a certificate of the guarantor’s financial ability.
If the guarantor is a foreigner, attach a copy of his / her Residence Card.

9. Passport copy of the personal identification page

10. Document of either of the following tests:

・Copy of the Examination Voucher of EJU (Japanese) taken after April, 2021
・Original Score Report or Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate of Result and Scores of JLPT
   *N2 or a higher level
   *regardless of the date the exam is taken

Depending on the desired course, other documents such as a task piece entry form may be required.
Please see here for details.

All of the necessary documents shall be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
Please write all of the year number in Western Christian era and please send all of the documents mentioned above by express registered mail.
We may request for additional materials.


Entrance Examination Fee

 Faculty of Music  JPY 43,000 

Money transfer JPY 43,000 into the designated account and please note that you are responsible for all the fees related to the cost of transfer.

Method of Screening

Practical Exam, Japanese Exam (Reading Comprehension and Composition (duration of examination : 60 minutes)) and Interview

*the Screening will be held during the schedule for local Japanese Students Entrance Exam


  • Major Examination
  • Vocal music - applicable only to Music Education Major, Music Therapy Major, Early Childhood Education Major
  • Instrumental Performance Test
    • Piano:applicable only to Vocal Major, Composition Major
    • Piano or Electronic Organ : applicable only to Music Education Major, Music Therapy Major, Early Childhood Music Education Major
  • Performance : applicable only to Music Information Major (any instrument is fine)
  • Sight singing : applicable only to Keyboard Instruments Major(Electronic Organ), String / Wind & Percussion Major, Jazz Major, Composition Major, Music Education Major, Music Therapy Major, Early Childhood Education Major
  • Musical grammar : excluding Composition Major
  • Dictation:applicable only to Keyboard Instruments Major(Piano, Organ)
  • Choir exercises : applicable only to Vocal Major
  • Japanese (all Majors)
  • Interview (all Majors)

*for details, please look at the Application Requirements


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