Kunitachi College of Music

Concert Halls

Concert being carried out in the auditorium

A large space for music and a symbol of the Kunitachi College of Music which contains the main auditorium, with its majestic grand concert organ, as well as a recital hall and practice rooms. A Carillon with 47 bells can be found in the garden just in front of the Concert Hall.

Main Auditorium : 1290 seats

Main Hall: 1290 seats

The main auditorium contains a pipe organ (a grand concert organ) which is one of the largest in Japan. The auditorium sees use as a concert locale for full-size orchestras, choruses, opera, etc. Also, the school's entrance and graduation ceremonies are held.

Recital Hall : 500 seats

Recital Hall: 500 seats

A hall most suited for solo or small ensemble performances. This hall sees a lot of usage, particularly as a place for lectures and performances.

Carillon (Glockenspiel)

Carillon (Glockenspiel)

An instrument of great symbolic importance to the school, located in front of the Concert Hall. Whenever a concert or ceremony is held in the hall, 47 small and large bells are played to signal the start of the event.


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