Kunitachi College of Music

Graduate School


A Stage for Specialized Advance Studies

Master and Doctoral programs are available at Kunitachi College of Music for outstanding students who aspire to further their studies and researches. Our postgraduate school has witnessed the success of generations of students in becoming fine musicians, composers, musicologist, music educators, etc., since its establishment in 1968. As one of the leading Colleges of Music in Japan, KCM has incorporated the Doctoral Program in its system to support our potential graduates in pursuing their theoretical and practical researches.

Educational Goal Statement

To promote education and researches with an insight of cultural identity by our fundamental goal to promote the developments of western music in Japan from a variety of perspectives, ranging from the understanding of music in Japan, Asia, and around the world,

Since its establishment, Kunitachi College of Music has its own unique educational goal, which places great emphasis on music studies from around the world, including that of Asians. In the early days when music universities in Japan too eagerly set their entrance examinations only by western music standard, our entrance examination to Vocal Studies was selected from a Japanese masterpiece. In today's globalized environment, musicians and composers are required to equip themselves with individuality in their performance or composition, in addition to the internationally recognized techniques and creativities. Even in the field of musicology and music education, it is necessary to nurture high quality researchers who are capable of addressing internationally challenging issues. Having a full awareness of these challenges, we strive to develop the talent and potential of each student as musician, musicologist, music researcher who are capable of independent studies to make contributions to both Japan and the world’s cultural developments.


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